St Cuthbert’s Cross

The cross that hangs at the front of the sanctuary was cut from a derelict apple orchard off Harvester Road in Burlington in the early 1990s, by a member of the congregation, John Terpstra. He wrote a series of poems called This Orchard Sound about the project, based on the Fourteen Stations of the Cross.

The poems were set to music by Bart Nameth and have been presented at Good Friday services at St Cuthbert’s and at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Westdale.


Crown of Thorns,
by Michael Allgoewer

The crown of thorns that hangs in the middle of the sanctuary, and was created by Hamilton artist Michael Allgoewer, and given by him as a gift to the church in the early 2000s.



This painting, which was rescued from a garage by a former member of St Cuthbert’s, is called The Deposition. It’s based on the famous painting by Caravaggio.


Other Art

Our church furnishings are made of cherrywood by the woodworking craftsman and artist, Don Trepanier. The mosaic crosses are a gift from Emmanuel Baptist Church in El Salvador, for the help and sponsorship we showed that congregation in the 1990s. We have a woodcut by the artist, Donna Ibing, and a painting by Colin Macdonald, which he created during a Good Friday service. We also hang many different seasonal banners.