St Stephen’s Good Samaritan Orphan Program

St Cuthbert’s has partnered with St Stephen’s, Mmpererwe, Uganda in The Good Samaritan Orphan Program since 1993, when we first became acquainted with Dr Sam Luboga who was a visiting fellow at Mc Master from Kampala. His parish was trying to assist children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS crisis to enable them to attend school. A fund was set up and St Cuthbert’s came alongside to help. Currently 74 students are receiving some assistance: 44 Primary, 30 Secondary, and 4 at post secondary level. It is most gratifying to see the young children first enrolled now completing post secondary and beyond.  Through the years there have been visits by members of St. Cuthbert’s to Uganda to learn and meet the children, caregivers and church partners, and members of St Stephens have come to Hamilton. We are humbled by their devotion and faithful service and are grateful to be a part of this ministry. It is a relationship that we cherish and have had a strong commitment to through these many years.


Breakfast on Bond

This ministry first began in 2012 as an opportunity for members to meet before church Sunday morning and has evolved into something different. At that time there was a food voucher program for neighbors that dropped in, and early on, the breakfast group invited them to stay for breakfast. Gradually the number of people coming for vouchers and breakfast has grown. A coordination of efforts to deal with poverty and the high cost of food began among the Westdale churches. This has resulted in the vouchers we contribute now being distributed through Westdale United church, the third Sunday of the month. St Cuthbert’s breakfast is currently being held the last Sunday of the month with typically 8-20 people attending. Most people are from our neighborhood but some come from other parts of the city. We try to prepare a special meal with handmade baking and to be gracious hosts to those who partake. All are invited to come to worship afterwards if they wish. The needs of many who come are great and this modest effort is an attempt to get to know and offer friendship in some tangible way.


Syrian refugee sponsorship 2016


“Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with your God”  
–Micah 6:8

The refugee project was initiated by several Presbyterian congregations, including St Cuthbert’s- the lead church being Knox Waterdown. The team representing all the congregations and chaired by Brenda Marriott, has effectively worked side by side to bring this project to fruition. The goal was to offer refuge, a new home and a safe haven, and to provide a warm welcome with compassion and respect to the newcomers entrusted to us. In May St. Cuthbert’s hosted a Syrian dinner lovingly prepared by Ilham and her family, and other recent Syrian arrivals spoke of their journey and experience. In  June 2016 we were pleased to welcome our sponsored family of 6 (Rida, Hanane, Batoul, Nour, Haidar, Hamza) from Daraa. We are inspired by their eagerness to learn and adapt to their new country and their graciousness. It has been a pleasure to get to know them and to be part of their new family here. We have been blessed by the volunteer translation offered by Ilham which has eased our communication. There are many challenges ahead and we pray for their transition to life here, and for their families that remain in Syria.

A welcome BBQ was held in the fall at Creiff Hills. At that event trees were planted with the family’s names attached to symbolize “putting down roots “in Canada.

The project team will continue to assist the family and will also be considering a further sponsorship. Contacts from St Cuthbert’s include: Linda Kennedy, John Duff, Nan Coolsma and Joan Smid.


Outreach Projects Supported by St Cuthbert's

There are an overwhelming number of needs but we seek to choose programs  based on principles that include: that there be a 50% split between local and global concerns/issues, projects that we have a connection to through people known to us, smaller projects with access to less funding, programs that support children and youth. The following have received funding: Mission Services of Hamilton, Inner City Ministry, Hamilton Food Share, Camp Kintail, Circles of Support and Accountability, True City Christmas Hampers, Grace Haven, Presbyterian World Service and Development, McMaster Chaplaincy. In addition to that there are funds designated for Presbyterian Sharing.

Each year we prepare and serve a dinner at Wesley Urban Ministries.

Christmas Special appeals are designated each year to augment our outreach programs and usually are funds designated for Good Samaritan orphan program (see above), or other events like relief efforts through PWSD (Presbyterian World Service and Development).